you helped maurice get back on his feet - literally!

Maurice grew up in California constantly fighting health issues - physical and mental. He visited many doctors and specialists throughout his life trying to manage his diabetes, sever depression and anxiety

Mourning the death of his parents and grandparents, Maurice decided to leave California. “Basically every little thing reminded me of them, so I came to Texas to live with my uncle.” When their living arrangement did not work out, Maurice searched the internet for a shelter and found Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County. “My friend dropped me off the next morning. I waited about two hours and I got into the residency program.” 

Arriving at UGM-TC, Maurice had no idea what was in store for him just across the street. As all new residents do, he went to Healing Shepherd Clinic for an overall health checkup. The staff at HSC noticed Maurice needed help walking. “My feet would roll to the outside when I walked,” he said. Maurice never considered that there could be a solution to his problem, but HSC knew they could help.

HSC set an appointment for Maurice to meet with a doctor at Cooper Foot Care. “The doctor at Carter Foot Care was a great doctor and nice. He took the measurements of my feet and gave me a couple of shoes to try on. I got to pick what I liked!” The doctor fit Maurice with the right custom shoe, a diabetic insole, and a special pair of socks that would not constrict his ankles. 

Healing Shepherd Clinic was able to fully cover the cost of Maurice’s treatment from Carter Foot Care for $265. This small fee made a huge impact on Maurice’s life. With your help, HSC is making a difference in the lives of UGM-TC residents every day.

Today, Maurice is able to walk comfortably and says he is “happy”! He assumed all visits to the doctor were routine and lacked personal interaction, but Maurice has found what real care feels like at Healing Shepherd Clinic. “I feel like I’m wanted.”

Thank you for helping get Maurice back on his feet – literally!